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George Mason University, in a unique association with Dalton Education, LLC is proud to offer an online Social Media Professional Certificate Program. This is a cutting edge program designed to teach the business applications of social media communications. Self-paced and online, this program is convenient, practical, and affordable with the flexibility to begin at a time that works best for you.

The Social Media Professional Certificate Program is designed for individuals with little experience with social media, or those who are looking to gain in-depth knowledge so they can control social media to build and extend brand awareness, better service current customers, and leverage social media for new customers. After completing this program, individuals will be prepared for roles such as Social Media Specialist, Digital Media Project Manager, or Online Community Manager.

Topics covered in these courses include:

  • What is Social Media and Why it Matters
  • Guiding Principles for Social Media Marketing
  • Understanding Social Objects, Paid Media, Earned Media, Own Media, and Content Curation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Traditional Search, Real-Time Search, and Social Search
  • Social Media Legal and Ethics
  • Identifying Your Target Audience
  • Understanding Technographics and Social Media Maturity
  • Identifying and Building Your Tribe
  • Content Creation and Calendaring
  • Engaging with the Community
  • Leading and Supporting the Community
  • Creating Brand Evangelists
  • Social Media Campaign Monitoring
  • Monitoring for Campaign Effectiveness
  • Monitoring to Manage Reputation
  • Social Media Time and Project Management
  • Social Media Publish Tools
  • Creating a Social Media Project Plan
  • Case Studies

Entire program is 60 contact hours = 6.0 CEUs.

The Social Media Professional Certificate Program is comprised of two modules designed to help students understand social media and utilize its full potential. The module titles included in this program are:

  • Understanding Social Media (six-weeks to complete)
  • Planning & Implementing Digital Media Campaigns (six-weeks to complete)

Please note that these modules are a part of this certificate program and cannot be taken individually. This program requires a 70% pass-rate in order to meet the requirements for receiving a certificate of completion. Once registered, students will have 12 weeks to complete the entire program.

Please click here for a list of our instructors.

  • “Learning ‘at your own pace’ gave me the opportunity to work with the tools more before moving on. I felt the program covered a great deal of material, was current (hard to do for social media), comprehensive and allowed me to become familiar with applications for purchase...”
  • “It was all well put together - lots of good information. Liked the videos and additional media presented.”

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