Internal Audit Basics (CIA 0106/0206)


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This course is Part 1 in the George Mason program, utilizing The Institute of Internal Auditors CIA Learning System, designed to provide comprehensive and flexible training to CIA candidates worldwide. This new course provides timely analysis of practical audit procedures found in today's global organizations and on the CIA exam.
Traditional in-class format:

  • Prepare for Part 1 of the Certified Internal Auditor certification exam.
  • Learn from your instructor and colleagues who have a variety of industry experiences to share.
  • Gain perspectives and insights from other students.
  • Attend traditional classes.
  • Stay on track with course assignments and classroom expectations.
  • Discuss and clarify difficult topics in the classroom forum.

Online format:

Using Blackboard, a web-based set of course tools designed to deliver online learning, you can be part of a virtual class that will provide a thorough review of the learning system. You will follow a schedule and interact with your instructor and peers in a virtual environment. The course content is the same as the classroom-based program and offers you the opportunity to:

  • Prepare for Part 1 of the Certified Internal Auditor certification exam.
  • Learn from your instructor and colleagues who have a variety of industry experiences to share.
  • Gain perspectives and insights from other students.
  • Participate in online classes at a time and day of your convenience each week.
  • Attend a weekly, interactive, one hour webcast or view the recorded session at a later date.
  • Participate in interactive discussions with the instructor and other students throughout the week.
  • Discuss and clarify difficult topics in the online classroom forum.

The IIA CIA Learning System books and online materials

The IIA's CIA Learning System is a comprehensive professional development and exam preparation program. It combines print materials and interactive online learning software to deliver a customized learning experience.

Comprehensive Print Materials

The IIA's CIA Learning System includes printed modules that correspond to the three parts of the CIA exam, and it provides the framework for your successful CIA exam preparation. This extensive content is organized by sections so you can tailor your studies to areas that require additional study. Students registering for Internal Audit Basics receive the corresponding book. (Students registering for the entire series receive all three books in a convenient carrying case with a snap closure.)

  • Read and learn the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) syllabus in a concise, easy-to-understand format.
  • Use book(s) as reference materials for years to come.

Interactive Online Review, Testing, and Resources

To solidify the knowledge covered in the printed materials, you will have easy access to a variety of interactive learning tools offered online to enhance your studies. This web-based testing is designed to help you apply what you've studied in the modules and test your retention.

  • A pre-test to assess initial level of knowledge and create a customized SmartStudy™ plan based on your areas of strength and weakness.
  • Quick and extended section quizzes to test comprehension and retention.
  • A post-test to gauge what you have learned and identify areas requiring further study.
  • CIA practice exam to build confidence using the computer-based CIA exam software.
  • eFlashcards and glossary to review key terms.
  • Resource Center to provide additional references.
  • Access to your reading materials via your e-reader device.
  • Interactive online study tools that are optimized for your mobile device.
Course content reflects the general body of knowledge tested by The IIA's CIA examination. Although The IIA recommends using The IIA's CIA Learning System as a tool for study of the CIA body of knowledge, this course of study can in no way guarantee or ensure an individual's success on the IIA CIA certification exam.

Information on the CIA exam, exam qualifications and exam fees (not included in course fees) can be found at

  • IIA Mandatory Guidance
    • Definition of Internal Auditing
    • Code of Ethics
    • International Standards
  • Internal Control and Risk
    • Types of Controls and Management Control Techniques
    • Internal Control Frameworks
    • Risk Vocabulary and Concepts
    • Fraud Risk Awareness
  • Tools and Techniques for Conducting the Audit Engagement
    • Data Gathering and Process Mapping
    • Evaluating Relevance, Sufficiency, and Competence of Evidence
    • Data Analysis and Interpretation
    • Documentation/Work Papers
    • Data Reporting
This unique learning opportunity is designed with many options. While this course can be taken by itself, it is also part of The IIA’s CIA Learning System Training. Click here for additional information about the Certificate Program. Courses can be taken in any order.
Individuals engaged in internal audit functions including:

  • Chief audit executives
  • Audit directors
  • Audit managers and staff
  • Risk management staff
  • Business, finance, and accounting students
100% attendance and participation are required to receive a George Mason University certificate of attendance.
Please click here for a list of our instructors.
"Knowledge gained from detailed, specific examples discussed in class can be applied."

"Very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very impressed with Raven Catlins’s knowledge but more importantly her ability to transfer it to the class."

"It was a great course. I’m looking forward to the series!"

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