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LCCS 0300: Positive Leadership Certificate Program

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There’s plenty of evidence that positive leaders make a big difference in government agencies, corporations, and other community organizations. Positive leaders create an atmosphere that produces lower turnover, higher productivity, greater satisfaction, and a host of desirable bottom-line outcomes. The Positive Leadership Certificate Program focuses on helping leaders develop a more positive mindset to achieve personal and organizational goals. A positive leader is more self-confident, optimistic, and resilient. This positivity results in a more creative, energetic, and productive workforce.

The Positive Leadership Certificate Program leverages the talents of two George Mason faculty members, Dr. Beth Cabrera and Dr. Steve Gladis– both of whom will bring their academic and real-world experience to focus on leadership with a special emphasis on positivity. Each seminar is four hours long and consists of lecture, demonstration, personal assessments, and experiential learning.

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Please call for registration information.

April 12, April 26, May 10, May 24

Please call for fee information.

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    Positive Leadership (half-day session, 4 hours): Participants will learn how positive psychology can impact leaders and the strong effect that it has on followers and teams. The results of increased productivity and happiness in the workplace are both compelling and valuable to the organization. Seminar participants will complete the Positive Leadership Index to determine their current level of positivity and the Balance Wheel to determine how balanced their life is.

    Through research and assessments, Dr. Gladis will teach you how to be a positive leader by:

    • Providing background on the growth of positive psychology in the past decade.
    • Explaining the critical effects of having a strong social network.
    • Demonstrating how work, engagement, and productivity are related.
    • Showing how certain simple psychological and physical practices can make such an immediate difference in a leader’s life and with his/her team.

    A complimentary copy of Dr. Gladis’ book, Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work, will be given to each seminar participant.

    Mindful Leadership (half-day session, 4 hours): Participants will understand how mindfulness can help manage stress, improve decision making, and engage teams. In this seminar participants will learn how to use mindfulness techniques to increase positivity, emotional intelligence, and strategic awareness. In addition to learning practical techniques, participants will complete a mindfulness assessment and review results during class.

    Through experiential exercises, Dr. Cabrera will teach you how to be a mindful leader by:

    • Practicing mindfulness techniques to create a calm, clear mind.
    • Increasing your self-awareness and self-control to enhance leadership skills.
    • Improving your relationship with others through empathy and trust.
    • Enhancing your creativity and strategic awareness.

    Purposeful Leadership (half-day session, 4 hours): Participants will learn how purpose drives positivity and success. You will discover your strengths, clarify your values, and identify ways in which you can use your strengths and values to become a better leader, serve others, and identify needs both at work and in the community. Participants will be asked to complete a StrengthsFinder Assessment prior to attending and will conclude the seminar by writing a personal mission statement.

    Dr. Cabrera will teach you how to be a purposeful leader by:

    • Completing a strengths assessment to discover your top strengths.
    • Clarifying what is most important to you.
    • Identifying meaningful contributions that you would like to make in your organization and community.
    • Writing a personal mission statement.

    A complimentary copy of the Strengths Based Leadership book by Tim Rath and Barry Conchie will be given to each seminar participant.

    Coaching Toward the Positive (half-day session, 4 hours): Through hands-on activities this seminar will demonstrate why positive leadership coaching is critical to people, teams, and organizations. Using a disciplined and researched process of positive leadership coaching, participants will learn how to self-coach and successfully move themselves and their teams systematically toward a more positive state. Based on positive inquiry used by professional executive coaches, participants will learn how to ignite positivity throughout their organization by asking powerful questions and creating “positive emotional contagion.”

    Dr. Gladis will help you get the leadership results you want by learning how to:

    • Employ the Positive Leadership Coaching Clock.
    • Identify the “Ideal Future State” for yourself and your team.
    • Develop and set goals to give purpose, direction, and confidence.
    • Assess the “Impact” of change if the ideal future state is pursued.
    • Inventory the “Issues” surrounding the current state—where you are now.
    • Commit to “Intention” to move from the current state to the future ideal state.

    A complimentary copy of Dr. Gladis’ book, The Coach-Approach Leader, will be given to each seminar participant.

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    • Professionals who aspire to become respected, positive leaders within their organization.
    • Emerging leaders who need to inspire confidence and build stronger relationships with teams.
    • Middle managers who seek to develop happier teams and a more positive workplace.
    • Senior leaders who want to leverage positive leadership principles to improve their organizations’ productivity and profitability.

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    Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

    • Leverage positive leadership techniques and tools to excel as a leader and help your organization flourish.
    • Identify your core strengths and how to apply them for increased productivity, confidence, and success.
    • Apply positive psychology principles to effectively engage employees, enhance team performance, and sustain a positive work environment.
    • Create an organizational culture that emphasizes resilience and optimism, employee job satisfaction, and overall happiness.

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    Sample George Mason University Certificate of Completion, Leadership Communication Series

    This certificate program consists of four seminars. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, participants must achieve a 75% attendance record. Successful participants will be awarded 1.6 CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

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    Please contact Rosalynn at 703-993-2113 with questions regarding the Positive Leadership Certificate Program. Please send registration forms by mail or fax to the contact information listed above.

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    Photo of Beth Cabrera

    Beth Cabrera is a senior scholar at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being at George Mason University. She works with companies to help them create positive work environments where people thrive. Her approach, based on the latest research from the field of positive psychology, is extremely effective in developing leaders, building teams, and advancing careers.

    Dr. Cabrera’s expertise was gained through years of experience teaching, conducting research, and advising organizations on how to maximize employee engagement and performance. Her research has been published in over 30 articles in some of the world’s leading academic and professional journals.

    After earning her PhD in industrial/organizational psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Cabrera joined the faculty of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, one of Spain’s top universities. Upon returning to the United States she continued her academic career as a professor of management at Arizona State University and later as a senior research fellow at Thunderbird School of Global Management. In 2009 she founded Cabrera Insights to help organizations achieve peak performance by increasing workplace positivity. Dr. Cabrera writes a blog about positivity at work: Cabrera Insights.

    Steve Gladis

    Steve Gladis serves as president and CEO of Steve Gladis Leadership Partners (SGLP), an executive communications firm focused on helping leaders communicate for success. Offering professional development and training programs, executive coaching and advising, and corporate consulting, SGLP abides by one basic value-respect for our clients and our strategic partners. Dr. Gladis has taught hundreds of clients from a host of companies in the Northern Virginia Region, including Cox, Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Anteon, FBI, Justice, DEA, Labor, EPA, The Washington Post, Gannett News, and many others.

    A former member of the University of Virginia's faculty, Dr. Gladis served as an associate dean in the School of Professional Studies and the director of the University's Northern Virginia Center. In a previous career as an FBI special agent, he taught at the FBI Academy, was the editor of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and the chief of speechwriting for the director of the FBI, and held a number of both headquarters and field-agent assignments around the country. Dr. Gladis has published numerous magazine and journal articles as well as 19 books; his most recent book is Positive Leadership: The Game Changer at Work. A regular lecturer and speaker, Dr. Gladis received his master's degree and PhD from George Mason University and teaches communications classes at George Mason.

    A committed civic and academic leader, Dr. Gladis serves on the Executive Board of the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors for the Northern Virginia Community Foundation, serves on the School of Professional Studies Advisory Board at the University of Virginia, is chairman emeritus of the Board of Trustees of the Washington Math Science Technology Public Charter High School, and is a former member of the University of Virginia's Faculty Senate. He is also a former U.S. Marine Corps officer and a Vietnam Veteran.

    To learn more about Dr. Gladis please visit his website or check out his Survival Leadership Blog.

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    Thorough, enjoyable, relatable and immediately applicable. Thanks for a fantastic program!
    Emily Kayser, Senior Manager, Digital, Fall 2014

    Thoroughly enjoyed the stories of application to everyday life. Valuable for work, play, body, and soul.
    Nancy Daczkowski, Manager, Clinical Operations, Fall 2014

    One of the best and informative sessions I have attended. Really love the passion, knowledge, and personal stories Dr. Gladis combines to share information.
    Joe Welch, Operations Manager, Fall 2014

    Best training ever. Hands down. I’ve had a ton of management/leadership training and this is the best!
    Chasity Gatson, Financial Intelligence Analyst, Fall 2014

    Today’s class was great! I love the interaction and all of the material provided to help us learn how to properly coach.
    Jaliyla Tillman, Treasurer, Fall 2014

    Phenomenal class- immensely enjoyed it! Learned a lot from the coaching information and exercise!
    Herbertia Gilmore, Equal Opportunity Specialist & Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Fall 2014

    Steve is an amazing listener, educator, and speaker. His charisma and openness is always a breath of fresh air. Everyone and anyone can benefit from his class for professional and personal leadership.
    Paru Rellan, Senior Investigative Research Specialist, Fall 2014

    I will leverage this knowledge to improve working relationships and boost productivity.
    Christina Mansfield, HR Director, Fall 2014

    This course has made an impact on me. It’s caused me to slow down and be more mindful of my influences on others and value the individual contributions of all team members. Thank you!
    Steve Ware, Executive Vice President, Fall 2014

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    Combinations and expansions of the Positive Leadership Certificate Program, as well as many other leadership courses, can be developed, tailored, and delivered on-site. The on-site courses can be offered in half-day and full-day sessions, as well as multiple-day sessions. In addition, Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Gladis are prepared to address a wide portfolio of additional topics on subjects such as:

    • Group Facilitation
    • Team Building
    • Mindful Leadership
    • Strengths-based Leadership
    • Purposeful Leadership
    • Effective Team Writing
    • Public Presentations
    • Dynamic Persuasion
    • Survival Writing
    • Personality and Leadership
    • The Successful Leader Series
    • Media Relations
    • Accidental Leadership
    • Customized Courses

    To discuss on-site opportunities contact Rosalynn by phone, 703-993-2109 or by e-mail,

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